Golight 30004ST Stryker Led Permanent Mount Wireless Handheld Remote-White


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  • THE POWER OF GOLIGHT | Our lights are in service around the world. lighting the way for everything from military vehicles in Afghanistan to snow plows in Alaska.
  • NEW UPGRADES | On-command return to home feature- new wireless remote technology with smart programming logic, simple pairing without dip-switches and fluorescent remote buttons
  • FIXED MOUNT | Stainless stell mounting brackets with new ability to simultaneously pan and titl
  • BEAM PATTERN | 10 high flux LED’s 8Degree beam angle- 544,000 candela max beam distance to 4,839 feet with a 3.7 Amps at 13.8V
  • HIGH QUALITY | Customers trust our products for 5 year limited warranty with UV Ray and Saltwater Resistant