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  • Ideal for all AGM, GEL and standard filler cap batteries from 3 to 50Ah
  • IP64 weatherproof sealed enclosure with built in mounting option
  • Compatible with either conventional or CAN-bus motorcycle electrical systems
  • Switch between Standard or CAN-bus programs with a simple five step procedure (charger comes preprogrammed Standard for conventional electrical systems); you can switch programs as many times as you want
  • L.E.D. indication confirms the CAN-bus program is active
  • With the OptiMate 4 Dual Program, you can automatically charge and maintain CAN-bus equipped motorcycles via their convenient external 12V charging port, without use of the ignition key or reactivation
  • Control panel with 10 L.E.D.’s display all vital battery information
  • Cable bushings avoid insulation stress in ultra cold temperatures
  • SAE weatherproof connections
  • Provides optimal maintenance of your battery during long term storage, achieved by its gentle maintenance cycle, which automatically allows the battery to rest for 30 minutes of each hour of the maintenance cycle while it remains connected
  • Includes fused eyelet connector for permanent mounting and battery clip set for bench charging
  • Power connection type: alligator clamp/eyelet connector/pigtail wire/SAE plug