Portable Winch Co. PCA-1006 Forestry Accessory Kit for PCW3000 Winch


  • PCA-1006 Forestry Accessory Kit for PCW3000 winch includes the following: 1 PCA-1205M 10mm x 50m double-braided poly rope and PCA-1255 bag; 1 PCA-1259 60mm x 2.5m polyester sling; 1 PCA-1275 stainless steel side swing snatch block pulley; 2 PCA-1276 steel locking carabiners; 1 PCA-1282 7mm grab hook ; 1 PCA-1290 skidding cone; and 1 PCA-1295 choker chain with C-hook and steel rod. PCW3000 winch sold separately.
  • The PCA-1290 skidding cone receives logs up to 50 cm diameter or several small stems attached together using a choker chain and is usable in temperatures down to -22 degrees F (-30 degrees C)! Made of high-performance plastic, the cone is light, flexible, and practically unbreakable. Using a skidding cone prevents logs from colliding with roots, stumps and other obstacles, and its elliptical nose provides solidity and allows it to slide over residual trees, thus avoiding regeneration damage.
  • Use the PCA-1275 small pulley, carabiners and sling to create a block-and-tackle system to double your pulling capacity or redirect your load!
  • PCA-1295 plated steel choke chain measures 2.1 m in length without the needle and can be used to go around a tree with a 50 cm diameter while maintaining a sufficient length to thread through the skidding cone. Fitted with C hook for installation, and quick and safe disassembly. The 30 cm steel rod installed at the end of the chain can be easily pushed under the logs and insert into the skidding cones opening.
  • NOTE: Some pictures display equipment in use and may contain components not included in this kit but that are available separately.

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Portable Winch Co. PCA-1006 Forestry Accessory Kit for PCW3000 Winch

Pull heavy logs with ease by using this Forestry Accessory Kit with your Portable Winch PCW3000!  The Portable Winch PCA-1006 kit contains a 50m x 10mm rope and rope bag, and all the essential equipment needed for skidding logs:  a skidding cone, a C-hook choker chain, and a locking grab hook.  You will also receive a small pulley, a polyester sling and two carabiners to create a block-and-tackle system that doubles your pulling capacity or redirects the load.  PCW3000 winch sold separately.


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