Tiger Tool Pin and Bushing Adapter 15040, to be used with the Pin & Bushing Starter Kit for Heavy Duty Semi Trucks & Equipment, Adapter Tool for Removing Pins & Bushings


About item

  • EFFICIENT & EASY TO USE: Utilize the Tiger Tool 15040 Adapter with your existing 15000 Pin & Bushing Starter Kit to seamlessly remove and install pins and bushings across a broad spectrum of heavy-duty truck manufacturers. This adapter allows you to perform maintenance while the entire suspension remains on the vehicle, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: For use with Automann TRB5912. For use with Dayton 334-1576. For use with Euclid E-10729A. For use with Flagg HT245.For use with Gaff 13628. For use with Hendrickson Intraax Tri-Functional S-24691. This adapter ensures you can service a wide range of vehicles without needing to remove the suspension, saving significant time and effort. Note: The adapter requires the 15000 Pin and Bushing Starter Kit for operation, or alternately be used with the Tiger Tool 20 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder (part number 17202).
  • ROBUST CONSTRUCTION: Engineered with precision, the 15040 Adapter’s components are crafted from high-grade metals, ensuring both strength and durability. This robust construction guarantees the adapter’s longevity, providing a reliable solution for the rigorous demands of heavy-duty vehicle maintenance.
  • CORROSION-RESISTANT FINISH: Featuring a protective black oxide coating, the 15040 Adapter is built to withstand corrosive environments, ensuring it remains in top condition through extensive use. This durable finish offers mechanics and technicians the confidence that their tool will last job after job.
  • NORTH AMERICAN CRAFTMANSHIP & INNOVATION: Proudly made in North America. Trust in a product that delivers exceptional performance and reliability, backed by a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Product Description

Tiger Tool Pin and Bushing Adapter

Tiger Tool Pin and Bushing Adapter

While using your existing Pin & Bushing Starter Kit, easily remove and install pins and bushings on a variety of manufacturers while the entire suspension remains on the vehicle.

The Tiger Tool Pin and Bushing Adapters used with the Tiger Tool Starter Kit allows you to service both rubber-isolated and threaded pins and bushings – all while the suspension remains on the vehicle.

Altogether, the Pin and Bushing System reduces shop time by as much as 70%! There simply isn’t a more comprehensive solution for servicing pins and bushings.

  • Machined components manufactured from high-grade metals for strength and durability
  • Black oxide finished coating resists corrosion
  • In total, Tiger Tool currently has over 30 different adapters to suit your needs
  • All Pin and Bushing Adapter Kits require a Pin and Bushing Starter Kit in order to operate

This Adapter Works on the Following OEM Bushing Adapters:

  • TRB5912
  • 334-1576
  • E-10729A
  • HT245
  • 13628
  • Intraax Tri-Functional S-24691


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