Tiger Tool Adapter 401/402/430 Bearing Race Set, Essential Adapter for Heavy Duty Bearing Race Starter Kit for Commercial Semi Trucks & Equipment, 10915


About item

  • TAILORED COMPATIBILITY: Enhance your Tiger Tool Bearing Race Starter Kit (models 10909, and 10910) with the 10915 Adapter, specifically designed for the removal and installation of Timken 401, 402, and 430 bearing race sets. This race-specific adapter is essential for expanding the utility of your starter kit, ensuring precise fit and function for specific bearing types.
  • ADD-ON ADAPTER: The 10915 Adapter serves as an add-on for the Tiger Tool Bearing Race Starter Kit, enabling the use with a wider range of bearing races. Note: This adapter is designed to complement the starter kit and is not a standalone tool, ensuring you have the comprehensive setup needed for specialized tasks.
  • POWERFUL CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from high-grade metals, the machined components of this adapter boast exceptional strength and durability. This meticulous manufacturing process guarantees that the adapter withstands the rigors of heavy-duty use, providing mechanics and technicians with a reliable tool that endures over time.
  • CORROSION-RESISTANT COATING: Equipped with a black oxide finish, this adapter offers superior corrosion resistance, extending its lifespan and maintaining its performance in harsh environments. This protective coating ensures that your adapter remains in optimal condition, ready for years of service.
  • NORTH AMERICAN CRAFTMANSHIP & INNOVATION: Proudly made in North America. Trust in a product that delivers exceptional performance and reliability, backed by a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Product Description

Tiger Tool Bearing Race Adapters

Use this race-specific adapter kit with the 10909 & 10910 Bearing Race Starter Kits

  • Machined components manufactured from high-grade metals for strength and durability
  • Black oxide finished coating resists corrosion
Bearing races can now be removed and installed precisely in minutes while the wheels remain on the hub.

After the wheel and hub assembly have been removed from the truck, the Hydraulic Bearing Race Starter Kit is utilized to remove old races and install new ones with ease.


  • Currently 14 different adapter kits available to suit your needs
  • Adapter kits are to be used with the Bearing Race Starter Kit (Part number 10909 or 10910)
  • Patent Pending

    Available Adapters

  • 10915: Set 401/402/430
  • 10916: Set 403/404/429/433
  • 10917: Set 412/413/427
  • 10918: Set 414
  • 10919: Set 415
  • 10920: Set 423
  • 10921: Set 406
  • 10922: Set 409/410/416
  • 10923: Set 408
  • 10924: Set 424
  • 10925: Set 418/419/420
  • 10926: Set 421/422
  • 10927: Set 411/426
  • 10928: Set 405


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