TorkLift GlowStep Camper Scissor Steps – 5 Steps – Aluminum – 20″ Wide – 325 lbs – A7805


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TorkLift RV and Camper Steps – TLA7805

  • Truck Camper
  • Pull-Out Step
  • 5 Steps
  • 20 Inch Wide Step
  • TorkLift
  • 21-1/2 Inch Wide
  • Aluminum
  • 7-1/2 Inch Drop/Rise
  • Ground Contact
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Product Description


  • Pull-out steps make it easy to get into or out of your towable or truck bed camper
  • Scissor design lets you manually collapse steps and fold them up for travel
  • Glow tape creates lighted step surface for safely climbing into and out of your camper at night
    • Adheres to sides of step platforms
    • Glows in the dark for up to 10 hours with only 5 minutes of light exposure
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel construction is durable and rustproof
  • Built-in SureGrip tread on step surface provides excellent footing
  • Stainless steel hinges are bolted together for easy add on, removal, or replacement of individual steps
  • Made in the USA


  • Entry height: 38-1/2″ – 46″
  • Step dimensions: 20″ wide x 8″ deep
  • Mounting bracket dimensions: 21-1/2″ wide x 8-9/16″ deep
  • Drop/Rise: 7-1/2″
  • Weight capacity: 325 lbs
  • Lifetime warranty

TorkLift GlowStep Glow-in-the-Dark Tape

Made of durable, rustproof aluminum, the GlowSteps are built to last. The heavy-duty stainless steel hinges provide strength and stability, and they can be easily taken apart in case you need to remove steps or add a step onto the existing stairs. SureGrip tread on each step surface helps to ensure proper footing as you climb into or out of your camper or RV. And best of all, the GlowSteps come with premium glow-in-the-dark tape for excellent visibility at night. Each strip of tape requires only 5 minutes of light exposure for it to illuminate up to 10 hours.

Will Torklift GlowStep Camper Scissor Steps Work for You?

Scissor steps are typically installed on truck campers. The GlowStep scissor steps from Torklift are simple to install. After the initial installation, they’re also easy to attach when needed and detach for compact storage. To ensure you choose the correct size for your application, there are a few measurements you will need to take.

Torklift Scissor Mounting

The Torklift GlowStep scissor steps have a single mounting bracket that attaches to either the camper wall or the truck bumper beneath the doorway. To decide which size you’ll need, locate the space available for the mounting bracket on your application and measure the width and height. You will need a mounting space of at least 20″ wide x 1″ tall.

Once you have an approximation of where the mounting bracket will go, the spot you chose will be used as the “mounting point” to determine how many steps you will need.

How Many Steps Do You Need?

Torklift Entry Height

To decide on how many steps you’ll need, measure from the mounting point to the ground. This is called the entry height. The entry height should roughly match the height of the steps when they’re fully extended, and it will tell you how many steps you need.

The chart below displays entry height measurements in the first column. The step part numbers with the 21-1/2″ mounting bracket width are in the second column.

This page’s step assembly is in bold text.

Entry Height 21-1/2″ Mounting Bracket Width
16″ – 23″ TLA7802
16″ – 27″ TLA7802-8000
23-1/2″ – 30-1/2″ TLA7503, TLA7803
23-1/2″ – 34-1/2″ TLA7803-8000, TLA7503-8000
31″ – 38″ TLA7804, TLA7504
31″ – 42″ TLA7804-8000, TLA7504-8000
38-1/2″ – 46″ TLA7505, TLA7805
38-1/2″ – 50″ TLA7505-8000, TLA7805-8000
46-1/2″ – 54″ TLA7506, TLA7806
46-1/2″ – 58″ TLA7806-8000, TLA7506-8000

How Do You Install the Steps?

To install the steps:

  1. Find the mounting spot for the bracket on your vehicle
  2. Unfold the steps and attach to the mounting bracket
  3. Place the step assembly against the camper or bumper

    -Make sure the assembly is centered beneath the doorway

  4. Mark the mounting holes on the camper and drill
  5. Remove the steps from the bracket and set aside
  6. Attach the mounting bracket to the camper

    -Secure in place with included lag screws

  7. Attach the stairs to the mounting bracket and extend

GlowStep Accessories

Torklift Accessories

Add any of these accessories to your GlowSteps for stability, eliminating gaps, and keeping your steps and RV interior clean. The GlowGuide handrail (TLA7621 – sold separately) attaches to the outside of your RV and a bracket on the bottom of the steps. This helps to steady the assembly and adds 25 lbs to the weight capacity of the stairs. The SafeStep vinyl barrier (TLA7602 – sold separately) easily fastens with Velcro strips in between any 2 steps. This prevents you or your pets from accidentally slipping between steps. The DirtDestroyer boot brush (TLA7603 – sold separately) affixes to the bottom of the steps so you can scrape your shoes before climbing into your RV.

A7805 Tork Lift Glow Step Camper Scissor Stairs – 5 Stairs – Aluminum – 20″ Wide – 325 lbs

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